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How to Make Money with Udemy?

Jessica Brody, a writer who had taught writing courses at libraries and conferences for years, was looking for an alternative when she discovered Udemy. Although she liked teaching, it began to get tiring. She had to go to each location and deliver the same material repeatedly. Brody started searching for another way to make money.

“My husband was looking into online teaching platforms, so we decided to put up a short writing course as a test for Udemy to see if it would work,” she continued. “After releasing it, we earned $1,000 in the first week.”

If you’re like Brody and searching for a source of extra money to help pay off your student loan debt, Udemy may be a good option. Learn how the platform works, as well as Brody’s advice on how to get started.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning platform with more than 130,000 courses taught by expert instructors. The courses cover a wide range of topics, from programming to yoga, and are available to anyone with an internet connection.

Udemy offers both free and paid courses. Free courses are typically shorter, while paid courses tend to be more comprehensive. In addition, some courses offer a certificate of completion that can be added to your resume.

Udemy works by connecting students with instructors who have expertise in the subject matter. Instructors create courses, which are then made available to students on the Udemy website.

Courses are typically made up of video lectures, articles, and quizzes. Students can access the material at their own pace and watch the videos as often as needed.

How much money can you make on Udemy?

Instructors are paid based on a revenue share model. This means they earn a percentage of the course price, which the instructor sets.

The average Udemy course price is $50, so an instructor who creates a course that sells for this price would earn $25 per sale. If the instructor sets a lower price, they will earn a lower percentage. For example, if an instructor sets their course price at $20, they would earn $10 per sale.

Udemy also offers instructors the option to promote their courses through affiliate marketing. Affiliates are paid a commission for each student they refer to Udemy. The average commission is 50%, but it can vary depending on the affiliate program.

To get started, instructors can sign up for Udemy through their website. Once they have created an account, they can start creating their courses. Udemy provides a course creation guide and video tutorials to help instructors through the process.

Instructors can also promote their courses through social media and other online channels. Brody recommends using Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to reach potential students.

“I would also recommend reaching out to people who might be interested in taking your course and seeing if they would be willing to promote it to their network,” she added. “This can help you get the word out about your course and attract more students.”

If you’re looking for an alternative way to make money, Udemy may be a good option. The platform offers a wide range of courses, and instructors can earn a percentage of the course price. In addition, instructors can promote their courses through affiliate marketing and social media.

5 tips for making money on Udemy

Udemy can be a fantastic source of additional money, but it takes more than simply putting a course together to be successful. Here are five more tips from Brody for getting started.

Use Udemy resources

Udemy offers several free resources to instructors, both newbies, and expert teachers. It has how-tos for developing a course, building an audience, and using video. You may even get expert advice on your test video from Udemy experts. There’s also a community where instructors can discuss and learn about best practices.

Brody emphasized how useful these tools are and advised new instructors to utilize them.

“Udemy does a lot to assist you,” she continued. “If you can sell your course and demonstrate demand, they’ll also help you promote it.”

Focus on your most in-demand skills

When starting, it’s essential to focus on creating courses that teach in-demand skills.

“If you want to make money on Udemy, it’s important to create a course that is in demand and that people are willing to pay for,” Brody said. “You can use Udemy’s search engine to see what popular topics and courses are selling well.”

Invest in good equipment

If you’re creating video courses, investing in good equipment is essential. This includes a high-quality microphone, lighting, and camera. Udemy recommends using a DSLR camera with a minimum resolution of 1080p.

Script your course

Once you’ve settled on a topic, creating a course that is engaging and informative is essential. If your course is tedious or difficult to follow, students will be less likely to complete it and won’t be interested in taking more of your courses.

“You need to have a clear idea of what you want to cover in your course and how you’re going to structure it,” Brody said. “I recommend scripting your course or at least creating an outline so that you know what you’re going to cover and in what order.”

Give away your knowledge.

If you’re an expert in your field, it’s important to remember that people are paying for your knowledge.

“You need to be able to provide value and teach people something they couldn’t learn on their own,” Brody said. “Your course should be comprehensive and offer value that justifies the price.” Udemy courses typically range from $20 to $200.

By following these tips, you can be on your way to making money on Udemy. Just remember to create a demanding course, invest in good equipment, and script your course to be engaging and informative. With a little effort, you can start earning extra money by sharing your knowledge with the world.

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