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How a “Mom Blogger” Makes Over $2,000 Every Month From Her Website?

Jenny Weg is a new mother and blogger at JennyWeg.com who uses her site to supplement her family’s income. Here are how she does it and some pointers for developing your lucrative blog based on hers.

Many mothers make money blogging if they spend any time on social media.

Yes, this has happened!

Thousands of people are doing it on a part- or full-time basis. Some have even turned their blogs into a six-figure business. As appealing as that sounds, most of us would not object to a few hundred extra dollars each month.

I posed this question on a few private Facebook groups to figure out how much time you need. It turns out that it may be more doable than you think.

Jenny Weg is a new mom who runs a blog on JennyWeg.com to make money for her family as a part-time blogger and full-time kiddie wrangler. Running a career woman, part-time blogger, and full-time kiddie wrangler is an incredible job.

Let’s look at how moms make money blogging and how you can utilize Jenny’s approach to start a successful blogging business from home.

How Jenny Makes Money a Blog

Like most moms, Jenny is a stay-at-home mom who was eager to earn extra cash. As a blogger, she discusses and promotes things she enjoys, such as parenthood, working from home, and how to make money blogging as a mother. She maintains an active blog on her adorable daughter Addison, her family, and her new-parent experiences.

How does this translate to a comfortable income for Jenny and her family?

Jenny’s success was not by chance. She spent nearly 18 months building her mom’s blog before she decided to go from a hobby blogger to a more business-oriented strategy.

“You must treat your blog like a business to make money blogging,” Jenny advises. “Show up, be consistent with your postings across social media sites,” she adds. After adjusting her thinking, Jenny informed us that after she decided to monetize her blog, she earned her first dollar one month later.

Jenny made around $2,000 in December 2017 from her blog and her and her husband’s full-time jobs, most of which came from her virtual assistant work. “I was able to acquire all of my clients through my blog since I built those relationships,” she told us.

Jenny, a virtual assistant, living in New York City, makes several hundred dollars each month in affiliate money by referring people to her favorite items and services. While services demand real effort on her part, affiliate income allows her to relax while she waits for service providers to complete their tasks.

She spends the majority of her free time developing her blog.

To put it another way, life as a new parent can be quite chaotic. We just had to know how she manages to balance it all while working full time and maintaining a side business.

Jenny starts working at 5:00 am. She spends an hour on her mother’s blog projects before moving on to client work for another hour. She’s back to it after her lunch break.

To summarize the day, Jenny says, “After my daughter goes to sleep, I spend 2 to 3 hours working for my clients and checking in on my blog before going to bed around 11:00 pm.”

Ain’t no time for rest, especially now that Jenny has grand ambitions for her blogging company. (More on that shortly.)

How to Start Your Blog

This mother blogger’s story makes you motivated and eager to start your own blogging business. You’re already thinking about the possibilities it would provide for you and your family. There’s just one issue, though: where do you begin?

First, grab this free guide:

You’ll learn everything you need to know about getting a blog up and running and how to improve it. The next logical step is then to…

Decide what to write about.

Successful bloggers all have one thing in common: they concentrate on a single topic. That is life as a mother for Jenny. It wasn’t always that way, though:

“My area of expertise has changed over time. I initially began blogging about misconceptions in agriculture and a little DIY when we renovated our 100-year-old farmhouse as a single mother. My niche now is focused on stay-at-home and work-from-home parents, which was previously my domain.”

When determining your niche, look where your abilities and interests intersect. Jenny is a new mother who works full time while also operating her company on the side. Her material is based on her regular life, making it accessible to women in comparable circumstances.

Help solve a problem.

People on the Internet are self-centered. It’s true! When surfing the web, we seek material that either a) amuses us or b) aids us in resolving an issue.

“My blog took off when I stopped focusing on generating money and how I might help other people,” recounts Jenny. “My content became more valuable, and I was happier in my job as a blogger.”

For example, on her site, Jenny has an article titled How We Survived Three Months of Colic. She not only describes her family’s situation, but she also advises other new moms dealing with a colicky baby.

Drive traffic to your website.

As a new blogger, obtaining visitors to your website is the best approach to develop your platform and profit. Early on, the greatest way to get traffic is through social media.

According to Jenny, 95% of her visitors come from Facebook. She’s now concentrating on increasing her following on Pinterest, however.

Reinvest in your business.

Blogging is one of the most cost-effective online business ideas available. However, like with any other company, a small initial investment may aid in getting you up and running on the right path.

“I paid for a designer to rework my site, I committed in numerous training courses, and now I focus on investing in social media growth as well as sharpening my talents through training and working for my clients,” Jenny explained of her first expenditures.

Just keep blogging.

It is important to be consistent when establishing an online business. Slow progress initially may deceive you into believing that you’re not making any progress, but don’t let that deter you.

Jenny’s ability to build a devoted following and establish rapport with her readers was aided by her constant presence on social media. She wants to run her blog as a full-time stay-at-home mother by the end of 2018.

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