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Work-From-Home Customer Service Jobs

Don’t squander time applying for subpar customer service jobs. This list contains the top working from home customer service jobs available.

Most companies require customer service representatives to assist clients in obtaining what they want and frequently serve as the company’s public face. Employees were previously required to work in a retail store or office environment. Today, there are several part-time and full-time work-from-home customer service jobs available.

Your time is a valuable commodity, and wasting it on customer service tasks that aren’t worthwhile isn’t what you want to do. Instead, go through our list, which features the top remote job opportunities in this area.

9 Work-From-Home Customer Service Jobs

There are several remote employment opportunities online, some of which may be ideal life choices. Others, on the other hand, aren’t worth the time. We’ve completed the legwork and identified the top customer support jobs that allow you to work from home. These positions come in various part-time and full-time varieties and necessitate varying experience levels.

Work-From-Home Customer Service Jobs

1. Sykes

Sykes is a home-based customer care company that applies the call center approach to your living room or home office.

Seasonal and specialized support agents are the two types of agents employed by the firm. Other businesses commonly hire the first group for high-traffic seasons. Seasonal customer service roles are typically connected to retail and are required within a few weeks before or after Thanksgiving through January 1st. 

Because this position is seasonal, it doesn’t ensure that you will be retained for full-time work. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain experience while also having a chance to convert it into full-time employment if you do well.

The second category, specialized support agents, comprises industry-specialized customer service professionals. These employees are long-term hires rather than seasonal workers. If you don’t have the required expertise for this position, consider working as a temporary Sykes employee to gain it.

Sykes requires excellent brand knowledge and the ability to handle many calls. Customer service jobs at Sykes need outstanding brand awareness, the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously while on the phone, and expertise in multitasking. There are frequently a lot of vacancies available because there are so many posts on the Sykes job board.

2. Amazon Customer care

Amazon Customer care executives are the ones who attend to the customers’ queries and provide them with solutions. The customer care executives at Amazon must be good at problem-solving and have prior experience handling customer complaints.

The customer care executives are also responsible for cross-selling and up-selling of products. They need to have excellent communication skills and should be able to build rapport with the customers.

The customer care executives at Amazon also need good product knowledge to answer customer queries regarding the products.

3. American Express

American Express is a home-based customer care company that offers a wide range of financial services. The company hires customer service agents to provide customer assistance and support over the phone, email, and live chat.

Customer service agents at American Express need excellent communication skills and should be able to handle customer inquiries and complaints professionally. They also need to have good problem-solving skills and should be able to provide solutions to the customers.

American Express offers its employees a wide range of benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.

4. Concentrix

Concentrix is a home-based customer care company that provides customer support services to several clients. The company hires customer service agents to assist customers via phone, email, and live chat.

Concentrix, unlike many professions on this list, does not have a sole customer support position. Rather than that, it has a sales and service rep role. This job requires you to be able to sell items, solve issues effectively, and act as a salesperson all at once.

If you want to work for Concentrix, you’ll need access to high-speed internet at all times and availability seven days a week. You’ll also be expected to use a headset and flash drive if offered the position.

Concentrix seeks software engineers, managers, data analysts, network engineers, and technical writers. 

Concentrix hires remote employees in several departments, including business development, client success, and operational excellence. 

The company has many open positions on its website. Carefully browse through the Concentrix job listings to see if any appeal to you.

5. Sitel

The Sitel Group is a customer relationship management firm that provides service support, analytics and optimization assistance, and education to businesses in need. Unlike a call center, Sitel assists firms in achieving a superior consumer experience by optimizing their websites, providing instruction for staff, and more.

The customer service position at Sitel entails answering inquiries about billing, service, installation scheduling, and technical product problem-solving. This implies you’ll need to be a quick learner and able to research on the fly. Because this job involves scheduling and managing several calendars, any prior experience with them is beneficial.

You must live in a state where Sitel is now recruiting and complete an online assessment to work for them. If you pass, the firm will contact you with further instructions. You can learn more about becoming a Sitel associate here on their career site.

6. Teleperformance

Customers are served by a team of specialists working in different departments and locations. They provide network engineering, finance, billing, reservations/ticketing/concierge support, and technical support. It offers services via phone centers in the US and North America to other countries, including Canada. For this reason, it needs employees for numerous remote service-based jobs – many of which fall into traditional customer support jobs.

To work with Teleperformance, you must be prepared to become a jack of all trades since clients come from various sectors and backgrounds. You’ll be handling calls, assisting customers with technical difficulties, researching product issues, and providing essential assistance.

Teleperformance also has openings in IT, sales, marketing, and various other departments. Many of these positions are also remote, making this firm an excellent opportunity to diversify and branch out into related occupations if that’s your thing.

Teleperformance is a top choice for professionals who want to work for a firm that prioritizes corporate social responsibility (CSR) and takes pride in assisting communities worldwide. This organization makes an effort to benefit its local communities and has several sustainability initiatives, making it a company you can be proud of working for.

Teleperformance is a global leader in human resources solutions, with expertise in customer service and financial services. With offices in more than ten countries, Teleperformance employs over 6,000 people worldwide. Visit the company’s careers page to learn more about current job openings and how to apply. A recruiting agent will contact you soon after that and walk you through the rest of the process.

7. Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise Holdings — the parent firm of Enterprise car rental, Alamo, and National — uses remote customer support agents to help its many clients. You’ll be answering client queries about automobile rentals, assisting customers with online form completion, and swiftly locating information within the Enterprise database in this role at Enterprise.

To work for Enterprise Holdings, go to its career page and look for remote opportunities aligned with your skillset.

8. Dialog Direct

Dialog Direct provides client engagement solutions for businesses, including contact with clients, sales, and relationships.

Dialog Direct employs customer support agents for various industries, so many customer service jobs require experience. This allows you to apply for a position that incorporates your other talents. You could apply for a customer service job dealing with technology customers if you have expertise working in IT.

Check the Dialog Direct career page and look for remote job openings in your state. The firm does not usually hire in every state at any one time.

9. InfoCision

InfoCision is a customer support firm that works with non-profits (helping them connect donors) and major corporations. As an InfoCision remote customer care representative, you would handle and receive calls for non-profits and Fortune 100 companies. These conversations can range from assistance concerns to billing questions to fundraising initiatives and even sales.

InfoCision is known for having a pleasant atmosphere that values hard effort. Applicants looking to work for InfoCision should go to the company’s career site, which may be a little overwhelming initially because of its fast pace.

Skills Needed For A Remote Customer Service Job

Working remotely as a customer service representative requires a specific set of skills. Here are some of the skills you’ll need to be successful in a remote customer service job:

-Excellent communication skills: You’ll need to communicate clearly and effectively with customers.

-Good people skills: You’ll need to be able to build rapport with customers and resolve conflict.

-Good problem-solving skills: You’ll need to be able to quickly and effectively solve customer issues.

-Patience: You’ll need to be patient with customers, even when they’re angry or upset.

-Thick skin: You’ll need to be able to handle criticism and negative feedback from customers.

-Flexibility: You’ll need to be flexible in your schedule and be able to work different hours as needed.

You may be well-suited for this work if you have the skills necessary to succeed in a remote customer service job. Many companies offer remote customer service jobs, so search for openings that fit your skillset.

Your Customer Service Job Awaits

There are a variety of customer service jobs available, both in-office and remote. If you have the skills necessary to succeed in this type of job, then you may be well-suited for this type of work. There are a variety of companies that offer customer service jobs, so be sure to search for openings that fit your skillset. You can find satisfaction and success in the customer service industry with the right job.

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